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What is Green Manna Chlorella?

Chlorella is one of over 23,000 varieties of algae known on our planet. It is a microscopic organism that was not discovered until 1890 by M.W. Beijernick, a Dutch biologist. This freshwater algae multiplies vigorously in the presence of intense sunlight. Green Manna Chlorella is a specific type of unicellular green alga known as Chlorella pyrenoidosa that has been grown under the strictest sanitary conditions to ensure an uncontaminated, highly nutritious super food. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has a tough cell wall which has the added benefit of binding toxins and safely removing them from the body.

Health Benefits of Green Manna Chlorella

Green Manna Chlorella seems to be good for almost every ailment mankind suffers from. From the minor to the serious, this whole-food product seems to offer relief from a whole host of health issues. 

Studies show that chlorella regulates cholesterol levels, increases circulation, improves eyesight, diminishes hyperactivity and supports a stronger immune system. It also increases stamina and energy, stimulates repair and growth, increases oxygen to the body's cells and helps cleanse and regenerate the blood stream, liver, kidneys and bowel. Chlorella stimulates peristaltic bowel movement and activates healing of irritated intestinal surfaces. Intestinal flora is restored by activating the propagation of lactobacilli – a beneficial bacteria.

Heavy Metals and more - Not only does chlorella eliminate heavy metals from the body, but also insecticides and pesticides, alcohol, nicotine and radioactive substances.

More Info.
Chlorella, The Most Exciting Nutritional Discovery on Planet Earth - (web link)
   - by: Dr. Haresh Kumar Kantilal


High Quality, Affordable Chlorella

Tested and Approved by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

This amazing food product is:

  • 60% protein (contains all the amino acids known to be essential for nutrition) 
  • 20% carbohydrates 
  • 11% lipids
  • 9% additional components such as water, fiber, minerals, vitamins etc.

Green Manna Chlorella is the highest food source of: beta-carotene, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, choline, lutein and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and E. It is also the highest vegetarian source of B5, B12 and zinc.


Health Quotations:

"Health is not valued till sickness comes."-- Dr. Thomas Fuller

"You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well."-- Wayne Dyer

Health is worth more than learning.” --Thomas Jefferson

Affordable Chlorella:

We have purposely kept the cost on Green Manna Chlorella low so that those who need to experience the benefits of this green alga are able to do so.

Chlorella Box

1 Box of Chlorella + Free Chlorella book with first purchase:

  • 1 Kg
  • 4000 Tablets
  • 250mg / Tablet
  • 4 Zip Seal Bags (1000 Tablets / Bag)

Price: $160.00 CDN
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Chlorella bag

1 Bag of Chlorella:

  • 250 Grams
  • 1000 Tablets
  • 250mg / Tablet
  • Convenient Zip Seal Bag

Price: $45.00 CDN
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